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  1. He also headed the ministry's Finance and Credit Department in the 1970s.
  2. DBRS Ratings Ltd . rates structured finance and credit and European-based financial institutions.
  3. Aldrich's systems directly changed the holiday, retail, auto, finance and credit ratings industries.
  4. These are offered in Management of Enterprise, Finance and Credits, Accounting and Audit.
  5. In 1990 he graduated at Tbilisi State University's faculty of finances and credits.
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  7. He said the combination will be especially potent in auto finance and credit cards.
  8. Many new departments were founded during this period, including " Finance and Credit " department.
  9. DBRS Limited rates structured finance and credit, corporate finance, financial institutions and infrastructure finance in Canada.
  10. The company said it benefited from expanding income from fees related to corporate finance and credit cards.
  11. In 1997, Melnichenko graduated from the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics with a degree in Finance and Credit.
  12. Finances and Credit " is one of the TOP-10 largest Ukrainian banks with hundreds of branches across Ukraine.
  13. No longer the province of shady finance and credit repair companies, the cards are issued by many major banks.
  14. Beneficial said the short-term debt was used to finance the consumer finance and credit insurance operations of its subsidiaries.
  15. Sales of such goods have been legal since 2001 but restrictions on commercial financing and credit guarantees have discouraged exports.
  16. On 17 December 2015 the National Bank of Ukraine withdrew the banking license of Finance and Credit and liquidated the bank.
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