finance and commerce minister in a sentence

"finance and commerce minister" in Chinese  
  1. He met with the finance and commerce ministers as well as with business leaders in India.
  2. Suwat Liptapallop, another high-ranking Chart Pattana member, said his party had submitted two names of non-politicians to Chavalit to fill the finance and commerce ministers'jobs.
  3. Musharraf, accompanied by his oil, finance and commerce ministers, said closer economic relations between China and Pakistan " would really cement the bonds " between the two Asian neighbors.
  4. If the French can be brought around, the summit leaders will assign their finance and commerce ministers to come up with a concrete proposal by next year's Group of 7 summit scheduled for Halifax.
  5. The Bangko Sentral's decision to raise its overnight borrowing rate came after the Thai baht fell about 5 percent against the U . S . dollar yesterday to a 12-year low following the resignation of that country's finance and commerce ministers.
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