finance and banking in a sentence

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  1. It has since diversified into property development, telecommunications, transportation, finance and banking.
  2. Finance and banking services was 1.9 % higher than third quarter figures.
  3. Many work in finance and banking in the City of London.
  4. He had graduated from the Academy of Finance and Banking there by 1981.
  5. In 1998 the company's finance and banking division was sold to Cap Gemini.
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  7. The city was a place of great finance and banking.
  8. He has wide experience in the finance and banking sector.
  9. Special attention is given to well-known personalities of the region in finance and banking:
  10. Finance and banking services was 1 . 9 % higher than third quarter figures.
  11. Some people are demanding major reforms to Ecuador's loose campaign finance and banking laws.
  12. Zhao is honorary director of the central bank's Research Institute of Finance and Banking.
  13. Yesterday's gains were led by heavy buying interest in both finance and banking stocks.
  14. Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Finance and Banking.
  15. The Finance Ministry is meanwhile working on foreign ownership of finance and banking companies.
  16. A clean-up of the economy, particularly in finance and banking, is also in order.
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