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  1. In 2006 the traditional title has been complemented by the English sub-title Public Finance Analysis.
  2. In Nigeria, ActionAid has completed a Public Finance Analysis project to help poor communities analyse their local state budgets.
  3. Cost and financing analysis for four other WHA targets ( wasting, anemia, and the promotion of exclusive breastfeeding ) is ongoing.
  4. In project financing analysis, for example, if the cash flow of the project becomes stuck for a certain period, the loan may be classified as of low quality.
  5. Caught between rising prescription costs and growing numbers of these sickest patients, TennCare has slashed its payments to doctors and HMOs below what they need to break even, according to a state-financed analysis by PricewaterhouseCoopers, a consulting firm.
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  7. Among the ASO's big-money individual contributors-- the 35 donors who annually give $ 15, 000 and more-- nine are listed by the non-partisan Campaign Finance Analysis Project's Web site as backers of Republican candidates.
  8. Through June, the most recent month for which fully analyzed data are available, almost 30 percent of the money spent by Bush-Cheney went to fund-raising, compared to 13 percent for Kerry, according to the private Campaign Finance Analysis Project.
  9. _More than four in 10 children who begin alcohol consumption at age 13 or younger will develop an alcohol dependence, according to an analysis of the National Longitudinal Study, a federally financed analysis of the health-related behaviors of children in grades 7-12.
  10. During mediation, the Mariners will cite a team-financed analysis that shows $ 60 million in net proceeds would be available for stadium bond financing if public money from the state lottery and taxes for restaurants, admissions and rental cars kept at their current pace of growth.
  11. According to Dwight L . Morris and Associates Inc ., a Virginia consulting firm specializing in campaign finance analysis, Edwards raised $ 1.36 million for his PAC from individuals, but $ 4.62 million in so-called " soft money " from special-interest groups _ including a handful of $ 100, 000 checks from fellow trial lawyers.

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