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  1. A financing agreement was signed Tuesday between Ayala Lasso and EU representatives.
  2. Pinellas and team owner John Henry reached a financing agreement in December.
  3. The third category covers about dlrs 4.4 billion of trade financing agreements.
  4. In 2003, the Ohio Supreme Court struck down a legal financing agreement.
  5. The bid is conditioned on reaching a financing agreement with LaSalle.
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  7. Several cases have provided further guidelines for such litigation financing agreements.
  8. The company also has a $ 150 million financing agreement with its banks.
  9. Such financing agreements allow vendors to be paid once the contract is signed.
  10. The project faced a cash crisis because of delays over the financing agreement.
  11. The transactions still require definitive aircraft purchase and financing agreements.
  12. Commerzbank signed a long-term financing agreement with the Kazakh Nurbank.
  13. "There is no other way to obtain a financing agreement, " the spokesman said.
  14. Much of the new financing agreement was completed last spring.
  15. The third category covers about dlrs 4 . 4 billion of trade financing agreements.
  16. In May 2014, the company entered into a five-year multi-picture financing agreement with Worldview Entertainment.
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