finance a project in a sentence

  1. We just can't finance a project all by ourselves anymore ."
  2. He finances a project to increase the trout population in the rivers of the Northern Ural Mountains.
  3. The new owner did not want to finance a project associated with hunting the world's largest mammals.
  4. The European Union also financed a project for local development and decentralization that directly provides municipalities with budget.
  5. Douglas says the World Bank now takes into consideration the social and environmental costs before financing a project.
  6. It's difficult to find finance a project in a sentence.
  7. The rest will go the federal government, or to finance a project to improve environmental conditions around the pipeline.
  8. Santana offered to finance a project for the town _ an airport, a hospital, a school or a soup-kitchen for the poor.
  9. It will also finance a project to upgrade sections of the coastal highway between the port cities of Split and Zadar, the bank said.
  10. "It may be a little less expensive to finance a project right now, but people are worried enough that they're likely to slow down ."
  11. In 1997, the Ford Foundation financed a project called Crossing Borders to rethink the approach, resulting in a far greater emphasis on interactions among regions.
  12. World Bank environmental official Jonathan Brown said the loan is to finance a project " designed to reduce the extent of the looming environmental disaster ."
  13. In 1981 the U . S . government financed a project at the University of Pennsylvania to develop a virtual human model for engineering design studies.
  14. He cost 20 eurocents more than usual ( 50 cents in January ) to finance a project in Lhokseumawe, Indonesia, after the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.
  15. Another 10.4 million francs ( dlrs 1.7 million ) will finance a project in the northern town of Maubeuge to produce Kangoo, a new utility vehicle.
  16. Leiter recently organized and financed a project at City Meals on Wheels that got 15 high school students doing volunteer work delivering meals to homebound elderly people.
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