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  1. In particular, they have cited Dolan's brother's ownership of the Cleveland Indians and said Dolan would have to demonstrate that he does not have a financal interest in the team.
  2. Credit Suisse said the reduction in staff completes the changeover of the Credit Suisse Financal Services division that began earlier this year with the division's incorporation of the group's retail banking and private banking arms.
  3. The losses stemmed mainlyfrom its 60.35 per cent-owned subsidiary Sime Bank group, which recordedinterim losses of RM1.81 billion, prompting Nik Mohamed to declare thatthe group was getting out of the financal services sector.
  4. And when asked if a $ 250, 000 settlement contradicted Brom's assertion that the diocese had made " no large financal settlements " of sexual abuse claims, Carr said, " I don't have a comment about that ."
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