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  1. Householder and Finan both said they hope to cooperate with Democrats.
  2. Finan said that is " do-able ."
  3. State officials, including Finan, were buoyant yet cautious.
  4. Finan is currently ranked third in the world for amateur competitive aerobics.
  5. Again, Finan said, the rumblings come mainly from the politicos.
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  7. But Finan suggests causes further back in Smith's political career.
  8. Coca-Cola HBC said Finan resigned for personal reasons.
  9. Sigeberht travelled to Northumbria to accept baptism from Bishop Finan of Lindisfarne.
  10. Finan Owen, FSC, was welcomed by the Fr.
  11. _Tom Finan, publisher of Club Management, 1990
  12. Finan, a Republican who is president of the Ohio Senate, added:
  13. Mohsen-Finan said, referring to interviews with nearly 500 young Muslims.
  14. Richard Finan, president of the Ohio Senate, has called this blackmail.
  15. Coca-Cola HBC Managing Director Irial Finan said.
  16. After making some conversions, Cedd returned to Lindisfarne to report to Finan.
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