finamore in a sentence

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  1. Not so, said Station General Manager John V . Finamore.
  2. "We have responsibilities to our shareholders,'Finamore said.
  3. That operation is licensed and inspected by the state, Finamore said.
  4. John V . Finamore, Station's Midwest president, disagrees.
  5. But spring is also a factor, Finamore said.
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  7. No, " said John Finamore, Station vice president and general manager.
  8. Finamore said 305 children from the 225 employee families were registered at the facility.
  9. Weekday business is steadily improving, Finamore said.
  10. The irony isn't lost on Finamore.
  11. Station General Manager John Finamore said Tuesday.
  12. Finamore said Station's 2, 200 employees were treated to steak dinners Tuesday.
  13. But Finamore also sees an upside there.
  14. "We are not trying to shirk our goals, " said Finamore.
  15. Finamore said Wednesday of the failed purchase.
  16. Finamore acknowledged that a small percentage of gamblers were at risk to become compulsive gamblers.
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