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  1. In Stickhausen-Velde, Filsum and Nortmoor emerged stations.
  2. It passed Leer, Loga, Filsum, Hesel, and Moorburg.
  3. The main town Filsum situated about ten kilometers from the center of the county town of Leer.
  4. The nearest major town is Oldenburg, located about 42 km as the crow flies from Filsum.
  5. North and east of this area, in the places Nortmoor, Filsum, Detern and Stickhausen prevail podzol soils before in mostly humid location.
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  7. The Regional Planning program of the district Leer divides the capital Filsum the function of a fundamental center for the region to Samtgemeinde . [ 2]
  8. The oldest traces of human settlement in the districts of Filsum Nortmoor and date from the Neolithic period, both from the Funnel Beaker culture as well as from the single grave culture.
  9. In the Becoming arable Filsum were ( as Fillisni ) and Ammersum ( as Ambriki ) first mentioned ( around the year 900 ) . [ 18 ] mention was there also a place called Suthanbroka, S黡moor.
  10. The northwestern area of the district is intersected by Nortmoor in 1834 landscaped stone road from empty to Aurich, which was the first in such a developed road Ostfrieslands . 1867 Street of Leer on Nortmoor and Filsum was created after Stickhausen . [ 32 ] Since the Oldenburg-Leer railway was opened by the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg State Railways on 15 June 1869, the area is connected to the national rail network.

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