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  1. The entire folio of letters was later published by Filson Young in the " Notable British Trials " series in 1923, although the letters are not in any kind of chronological order, for which see Lewis Broad ( below ).
  2. Rawnsley was previously married to Stanley Kennedy North, an artist, and Alexander Bell Filson Young ( 1876 1938 ), a journalist with whom she had two sons : William David Loraine Filson-Young and Richard Filson-Young; they-- Bax's stepsons-- were both killed in World War II.
  3. However, as W . B . Bartlett comments, they were " marked by some journalism of highly suspect and sensationalist variety . . . which tell [ s ] more about the standards of journalistic editorialism at the time than they do about what really happened on the " Titanic " . " The British writer Filson Young's book " Titanic ", described by Richard Howells as " darkly rhetorical . . . [ and ] heavily laden with cultural pronouncement ", was one of the first to be published, barely a month after the disaster.
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