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  1. But the diminutive Italian filmmaker couldn't be more delighted.
  2. Authors and filmmakers know what they're trying to say.
  3. Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns'greatest skill may be his timing.
  4. Wisely, the filmmakers never confirm whether he did the deed.
  5. The filmmakers shot extensively in the schools and during ball games.
  6. It's difficult to find filmmaker in a sentence.
  7. The filmmakers are Steve James, Frederick Marx and Peter Gilbert.
  8. Linklater, 34, is primarily a conversation-driven filmmaker.
  9. He's the greatest filmmaker you can imagine ."
  10. There were plenty of other problems for the filmmakers to tackle.
  11. As a filmmaker, Annaud is also something of a daredevil.
  12. But it takes an exceptional filmmaker to make depression cinematically involving.
  13. The only people who can fix that are the black filmmakers.
  14. Many filmmakers have followed Attenborough into the world of nature documentaries.
  15. It also finds practical solutions for performers, reporters and filmmakers.
  16. They are lawyers, filmmakers, counselors, homemakers and activists.
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