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  1. Movie fans might be surprised at the scenes filmed in Beaufort.
  2. Buttafuoco's scenes are scheduled to be filmed on Monday.
  3. The show is filmed in Baltimore, Levinson's hometown.
  4. Director Kapur has filmed the tragic tale with great artistic care.
  5. Negroponte filmed the 30-minute short with a borrowed camcorder.
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  7. In two scenes, she is filmed wearing only a bra.
  8. She filmed slogans that ran behind Acconci's performance pieces.
  9. A Gerber Co . pproduction in association with Polygram Filmed Entertainment.
  10. Only some time later did they move on to filmed interviews.
  11. Singh filmed his first movie on the run from security police.
  12. It's filmed in cool, dark places in Canada.
  13. "Twister " filmed extensively in Texas and Oklahoma.
  14. Q : You recently filmed your workout video here in Miami.
  15. The commercial was filmed with Indianapolis Colts back Marshall Faulk instead.
  16. Filmed in October,'95 at the Royal Albert Hall.
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