fiery in a sentence

"fiery" meaning  "fiery" in Chinese  
  1. An occasional small meteorite hits the ground in a fiery flash.
  2. "He's very intense and fiery and competitive.
  3. Bisagno launched a fiery attack on the plan during convention debate.
  4. "fiery " and " meltdown ."
  5. A pollarded willow turned fiery yellow under the late afternoon sun.
  6. It's difficult to find fiery in a sentence.
  7. "They've got some fiery guys,"
  8. Bring in some fiery, no-nonsense manager from obscurity.
  9. Foreign involvement in AFGHANISTAN could intensify the fiery battle for Kabul.
  10. His staff members sometimes have to rein in their fiery boss.
  11. Spice it up with fiery rhetoric and you get some attention.
  12. Rupp is even and measured, Castle often fiery and caustic.
  13. At all times, literature needs fiery advocates, not equivocators.
  14. Idaho has kept a more enduring character trait _ fiery independence.
  15. And Holbrooke was seen as too fiery and publicity-hungry.
  16. The Fiery Food Challenge competition had 295 entries in 30 categories.
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