fiercely in a sentence

"fiercely" meaning  "fiercely" in Chinese  
  1. But it has been fiercely resisted by workers in most countries.
  2. The advisory committee had argued fiercely over the issue of condoms.
  3. The wildebeest fights fiercely but eventually succumbs to the stronger hyena.
  4. All have disparate interests, and all fiercely value their autonomy.
  5. The politically powerful $ 45 billion industry also fiercely opposes regulation.
  6. It's difficult to find fiercely in a sentence.
  7. ABC is a fiercely independent news operation and will remain so.
  8. With them, Israel gives the god a fiercely contemporary context.
  9. Mother ( UP ) : Fiercely protective of Wills and Harry.
  10. Unleashed telecommunications will compete fiercely and must be big to survive.
  11. The result has been a fiercely loyal and growing shareholder base,
  12. Telebit has struggled in the fiercely price-competitive modem market.
  13. But the Tutsi have fought fiercely to remain on their lands.
  14. Time counts in the fiercely competitive environment of the airline industry,
  15. They include two Kurdish groups that have fiercely opposed each other.
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