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  1. With chips and fiber optics, they are far less palatable.
  2. Olympic sprinters have an abundance of fast-twitch muscle fiber.
  3. Plastic and composite fibers are what you use to make planes.
  4. Alhambra, Calif ., maker of linear fiber optic products.
  5. Plastic soda bottles can be made into sweaters or carpet fibers.
  6. It's difficult to find fiber in a sentence.
  7. Some fibers were much slower to respond to touch than expected.
  8. Cable is betting that fiber optic will be its great savior.
  9. Dust and insulation fibers mixed with the sweat covering his face.
  10. Tough fibers cut their hands, and mosquitoes ate them alive.
  11. There are no fibers, no hair, no bloody gloves.
  12. The initial MRI revealed torn fibers in his right pectoral muscle.
  13. Recent advances in fiber and carpet manufacturing have helped lower costs.
  14. Solution dying introduces color into the fiber as it is manufactured.
  15. The difficulty has been getting the fiber optics to the customer.
  16. Ethylene glycol is an ingredient in automotive antifreeze and polyester fiber.
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