fiber artist in a sentence

  1. Sardi is a fiber artist whose themes revolve around food.
  2. However, not all fiber artists are feminists, even with its histories.
  3. Pioneering fiber artists such as Magdalena Abakanowicz were big influences on her during her years in various art schools.
  4. In her spare time, she is a fiber artist whose work has been published in Quilting Arts Magazine.
  5. He and his wife, fiber artist Carol Shinn, had raised two children and seen them off to school.
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  7. In November 2010 Girls'Club opened their first solo exhibition by the Miami-based conceptual fiber artist Frances Trombly.
  8. Her sister Sherri Smith, a prominent fiber artist, is Catherine B . Heller Collegiate Professor at the University of Michigan.
  9. "Convergence, " which brings 2, 000 fiber artists and fans to town, creates an unusual opportunity for Atlanta.
  10. "' Orly Cogan "'is an fiber artist who has always been interested in working with and combining multiple mediums.
  11. As hyperbolic and mathematics-based crochet has continued to become more popular, there have been several events highlighting work from various fiber artists.
  12. His youngest child, James Bassler, became a renowned weaver and fiber artist and a professor at the UCLA School of Arts and Architecture.
  13. Though now divorced from Carter after a 27-year marriage, Mary Alice, a fiber artist, kayaks the Potomac near her Maryland home.
  14. At the same time period in the Middle East, fiber artists did not make tapestry or wall hanging weavings, but instead created beautifully crafted rugs.
  15. "' Lia Cook "'is an American fiber artist noted for her work combining weaving with photography, painting, and digital technology.
  16. "' Alice Kagawa Parrott "'( February 12, 1929  September 11, 2009 ) was a Japanese American fiber artist and ceramicist.
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