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  1. Her work emerged from the 1960s renaissance of interest in fiber art.
  2. Recently, quilted fiber art wall hangings have become popular with art collectors.
  3. Most consistently impressive is the section devoted to fiber art and textiles.
  4. Its two other galleries exhibit rotating fiber art exhibits throughout the year.
  5. Her interests and talents are diverse and include photography, fiber art, and beading.
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  7. Highlights from the collection include extraordinary tapestries, and contemporary fiber art.
  8. The 1960s and 70s brought an international revolution in fiber art.
  9. There, Judith discovered her passion and talent for abstract fiber art.
  10. Another fiber art technique is quilting in which layers of fabric are sewn together.
  11. The collection also includes contemporary wearable art and fiber arts.
  12. They've appeared in a publications ranging from Fiber Arts to The Wall Street Journal.
  13. -- Connell Gallery : " Figurative Fiber, " an exhibit of two-and three-dimensional fiber art.
  14. Wilson is a product of the rebellious'60s and'70s, when fiber art was in the ascendancy.
  15. Her works in fiber arts were displayed in her Gramma exhibition at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery.
  16. She has done works in fiber arts which is art created using strings, ropes and fabric.
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