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  1. This collagen overexpression continues and crosslinks the fiber arrangement inside the collagen matrix, making the collagen dense.
  2. By now, they should have removed about one-third of the quotas under the Multi-Fiber Arrangement.
  3. Are the industrialized countries willing to do what they should have done years ago : namely, phase out the Multi-Fiber Arrangement.
  4. The 1974 Multi-Fiber Arrangement allows a nation to unilaterally restrict textile imports if a sharp increase in imports is disturbing the domestic market.
  5. GATT members also agreed to a gradual phase-out of the Multi-Fiber Arrangement which limits exports of clothing from developing countries to developed countries.
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  7. America and the European Union now face the disbandment of the Multi-Fiber Arrangement, which restricted imports of textiles and clothing from low-wage countries.
  8. Under the 1974 global pact called the Multi-Fiber Arrangement, 47 countries get a share of the European and U . S . markets for clothing and textiles.
  9. It has been widely reported that the new treaty will phase out the infamous Multi-Fiber Arrangement _ which cartelized world trade in textiles and apparel _ over the next decade.
  10. To avoid such a complication cause by the random arrangement of fibers, an idealization of the fiber arrangement in a UD lamina is performed, and the result is the regular fiber packing pattern.
  11. With the lifting of Multi-Fiber Arrangement quotas on apparel and textile imports from other countries Jan . 1, companies will have more freedom to move more production overseas where labor costs are much lower.
  12. However, samples of this specimen subjected to electron microscopy and biochemical analysis were found to be " masses of virtually pure collagen " and not to have the " biochemical characteristics of invertebrate collagen, nor the collagen fiber arrangement of octopus mantle ".
  13. But in an elaborate global system known as the Multi-Fiber Arrangement, which is supposed to be dismantled by 2005, the United States, like Europe, established restrictions on imports from countries whose exports were thought to threaten the domestic apparel industry.
  14. On the other hand, there was no doubt that the extension of the Long-Term Arrangement Regarding International Trade in Cotton Textiles, which later became the Multi-Fiber Arrangement, for three years until 1970 led to the longer-term impairment of export opportunities for developing countries.
  15. The textiles sector experienced an approximate 17 % drop in exports due in part to the appreciation of the Dominican peso against the dollar, Asian competition following expiration of the quotas of the Multi-Fiber Arrangement, and a government-mandated increase in salaries, which should have occurred in 2005 but was postponed to January 2006.
  16. The samples were found to be " masses of virtually pure collagen " and not to have the " biochemical characteristics of invertebrate collagen, nor the collagen fiber arrangement of octopus mantle . " The results suggest the samples are " the remains of the skin of an enormous warm-blooded vertebrate . " The authors conclude that " there is no evidence to support the existence of " Octopus giganteus " " and concur with Verrill ( 1897 ) and Lucas ( 1897 ) that the St . Augustine carcass was " the remains of a whale, likely the entire skin [ blubber layer ] . . . nothing more or less ."

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