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  1. But Clinton was also here to mend fences with America's British allies.
  2. They have to find a way to mend fences with the state.
  3. Just like a kid running down a picket fence with a stick,
  4. Wooden fences with a garden hedge were also placed around every house.
  5. A fence with barbed wire existed before the concrete barricade was erected.
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  7. Pedar insists in fencing with the old and authentic weapons an armor.
  8. MacKay was forced to spend valuable time mending fences with black leaders.
  9. Sharing a boundary fence with your neighbor can get sticky over time.
  10. As opponents mobilized, conservatives sought to mend fences with the White House.
  11. The crops were then fenced with rails split by the farmer himself.
  12. The Sutherland Avenue frontage has a finely decorated fence with substantial gateposts.
  13. People would jump over our fence with guns and threaten my mama.
  14. "I saw the telecast showing him sitting on the fence with a weapon.
  15. I used to fence with my brother on our penthouse terrace.
  16. In 1928, the park was surrounded by a fence with gates.
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