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  1. She said she loved him and felt sure he would change.
  2. I felt the weight of the entire country on my back,
  3. It felt like a Fourth of July pickup game to me.
  4. He felt himself to have been a feeble and loveless boy.
  5. During the trial, " I felt helpless,"
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  7. I never felt like I was a part of the team.
  8. Many said they felt betrayed by Disney for releasing the film.
  9. If Edmonds felt insulted by the tactic, he should have.
  10. When your eyes first met his, you felt a blush.
  11. The strain of aging is felt not only by older people.
  12. Then he felt a tug pulling him back to the game.
  13. I felt there was almost something wrong here because I cared.
  14. No painting, he felt, can precisely represent musical content.
  15. Others felt Turner's event might compete with the Olympics.
  16. He felt like he knew what kind of person I was.
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