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  1. Bring back the felt board, NEW STRAITS TIMES-MANAGEMENT TIMES
  2. In the railroad area they may don engineers'coats and caps, punch tickets, switch on signal lights and attach wooden scenery to a felt board.
  3. With a giant picture of the bloodstained bindle, Lee conducted a show-and-tell demonstration with swatches and the picture on what appeared to be a felt board.
  4. The Indian government's seal at the top right hand corner of the picture makes it look like a mug shot usually found pinned to the felt boards at local police stations.
  5. UNDATED : Have you heard the one about the training video where the trainer uses a felt board to post the advantages and disadvantages of assertiveness, and one of the signs falls to the floor?
  6. It's difficult to find felt board in a sentence.
  7. Small felt cutouts or figures of animals, people, or other objects will adhere to a felt board, and in the process of telling the story, the storyteller also acts it out on the board with the animals or people.
  8. The staging is refreshingly inventive, from the lively narration provided by Ramona's sister, Beatrice ( known by her nickname, Beezus ), to John Farrell's set, whose backdrop is an enormous green felt board on which the actors place symbols of the action.

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