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  1. While the tile was penetrated, the underlying felt backing was not.
  2. Place the skin on felt backing and mount it on a nice piece of walnut.
  3. Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader made a pitch for the endorsement, but some leaders felt backing him would have little impact.
  4. The printing plant included several web as well as large sheetfed presses including a press to apply felt backing to cut-out figures creating flannelgraph sets.
  5. Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader also made a pitch for the endorsement, but some leaders felt backing him would have little impact since he has no chance to win.
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  7. For example, to install vinyl with felt backing, the floor must emit no more water vapor than 5 pounds per 1, 000 square feet of floor in 24 hours.
  8. In 1929, King George V approved the SUR's affiliation with the 60th Regiment, The King's Royal Rifle Corps ( KRRC ) and consequently the regiment's embellishments and badges of rank became black with a red felt backing.
  9. In the case of the Canadian Scottish, the title consisted of a brass acorn and oak leaf over a red felt backing surrounded by the title CANADIAN SCOTTISH . The Calgary Highlanders and Winnipeg Light Infantry, both of whom perpetuated the 10th Battalion ( Canadians ) CEF, were also awarded distinctive shoulder badges, though their pattern consisted only of a brass badge with the initials of the regiment directly on the oakleaf.

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