felt as if in a sentence

"felt as if" in Chinese  
  1. I felt as if I had a football in my throat.
  2. It felt as if some outsider had summarily renamed the town.
  3. I felt as if I had been stained by something unclean.
  4. She said she felt as if the relationship was going nowhere.
  5. But it felt as if the concert proper had just begun.
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  7. Suddenly, Rogers felt as if he could pitch all day.
  8. I felt as if I had lost one of my children.
  9. People felt as if they were prisoners in their own homes,
  10. I felt as if we had found the 13th lead soldier.
  11. At times he felt as if he was running in place.
  12. He felt as if somebody had played a trick on him.
  13. It felt as if she were doing everything in slow motion.
  14. Fox must have felt as if he had dodged a bullet.
  15. We felt as if we should be eating dinner with him.
  16. I felt as if I had ascended to a higher stage.
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