felt around in a sentence

"felt around" in Chinese  
  1. Gone is the sense of security they once felt around police.
  2. Lack of lighting equates to continued poverty felt around the world.
  3. That's what I've felt around here ."
  4. El Nino is usually felt around Christmas and often extends to April.
  5. Shock Felt Around the World " _ headline Nikkan Sports, Tokyo
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  7. The failure of talks will be felt around the world.
  8. The rally in U . S . markets was felt around the globe.
  9. The ripple effects from this are going to be felt around the world.
  10. The vet felt around her stomach and used the word " ropey ."
  11. Shock Felt Around the World, " headlined Tokyo's Nikkan Sports newspaper.
  12. A change in basal rate is felt around two hours after the action is done.
  13. This is the way summer felt around here in 1967,'75 and'86.
  14. Health officials point to a number of cutbacks that began to be felt around that time.
  15. Diane felt around the opened pericardium.
  16. The pain is generally felt around the temples and sometimes behind the ears or in the esophagus.
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