felt after in a sentence

"felt after" in Chinese  
  1. The report did not say how Lepik felt after his feat.
  2. Bautista said several minor aftershocks were felt after the main quake.
  3. I felt after eagling 13 that I could really go low.
  4. It must be similar to what Germans felt after the war.
  5. That's the way we felt after some of those games.
  6. It's difficult to find felt after in a sentence.
  7. She felt after-dinner toasts interrupted the flow of the evening.
  8. All I know is how I felt after winning the Fiesta Bowl,
  9. We felt after Game 2 that that would be a definitive matchup,
  10. So imagine how Simms felt after losing by 49 points.
  11. You would have to ask them what pressure they felt after that,
  12. Andrea was surprised at how beaten down Danny felt after the challenge.
  13. I remember how empty I felt after Adam was finally on the outside.
  14. At least, that's how I felt after talking to state.
  15. Mitchell said this was the most drained he had felt after a game.
  16. No doubt that's how she felt after the verdict came in.
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