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  1. U . S . goaltender Tony Meola echoed Lalas'feelings.
  2. He'd look at a guy and get the feeling.
  3. It touches our deepest feelings; it can motivate and express.
  4. We have tried to carry that feeling out on the field.
  5. "There's a feeling of security ."
  6. It's difficult to find feeling in a sentence.
  7. "It's a very big feeling,"
  8. That was not a widespread feeling, but there were skeptics.
  9. He was 2 over par, but he was feeling good.
  10. That's what his feeling was the day he died.
  11. He's heading into Sunday's race feeling confident.
  12. But maybe the feelings aren't so mixed after all.
  13. Smaller independents also are feeling the impact of higher crude prices.
  14. The feeling generated there remains more vivid and important to him.
  15. But the larger feeling of Circus Smirkus is joyful, exuberant.
  16. Trained to express his feelings, the boy started to cry.
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