feeling disappointed in a sentence

"feeling disappointed" in Chinese  
  1. Later generations have spent their lives looking over their shoulder, feeling disappointed.
  2. But a whole lot more people are feeling disappointed, " he said.
  3. I remember feeling disappointed because none of the circles included all of Moscow ."
  4. "Today's a day where everybody's feeling disappointed,"
  5. But Manoling was wrong in feeling disappointed about the Filipino voters for going to Erap.
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  7. Already, with the growth rate at less than 2 percent, Americans are feeling disappointed.
  8. It is a good sign that the players were feeling disappointed after losing the match to England,
  9. Sunday night, as conference participants drifted out of the cricket grounds where Mbeki spoke, many left feeling disappointed.
  10. If you walk into the Alamodome feeling disappointed, chances are you'll leave the building feeling even worse.
  11. Montoya admitted to feeling disappointed after the race, having been leading until his only pit stop on lap 22.
  12. But at some point, " he said, " you walk away, feeling down, feeling disappointed.
  13. Thorne said while the fans in New Zealand would be feeling disappointed, it would be more keenly felt by the players.
  14. Michael Schumacher admitted to feeling disappointed after the race, having led the majority of the race until his lap 56 retirement.
  15. Feeling disappointed he tells his brother he ll give up on soccer just minutes before they re both hit by a truck.
  16. Feeling disappointed and betrayed, he killed himself on 1 July 1896, by shooting himself in his right temple inside a carriage.
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