feeling cold in a sentence

"feeling cold" in Chinese  
  1. Not only the reversals, hot feeling cold and vice-versa, but the sensitivity.
  2. It noted that he had complained of feeling cold and having shivers,
  3. Sterling then stated to the doctor that he was feeling cold and tired.
  4. "Apart from feeling cold and wet, he's in a reasonably good state of mind,"
  5. Being lonely and feeling cold is a lethal combination.
  6. It's difficult to find feeling cold in a sentence.
  7. In the midnight, Anand starts feeling cold due to the weather, so he starts drinking.
  8. I prowled over the house feeling cold and abused.
  9. In this film nesh was used in the context of feeling cold when others don't.
  10. Though it's a scorcher of a summer in Harrison, Texas, Lyd Davis cannot stop feeling cold.
  11. Feeling cold breaths on my face, I slowed.
  12. But McCrudden, 19, also lost his extra boots, and was feeling cold and miserable on Monday.
  13. However, they are also connected to conditions such as fever, feeling cold, and having difficulty breathing.
  14. :: : : " I must be coming down with something; I'm feeling cold all the time.
  15. If I'm feeling cold, I prefer to put a jumper on instead of turning the radiators up.
  16. I was feeling cold, hot, hot, cold.
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