feeling blue in a sentence

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  1. St . John's wort for when you're feeling blue . . .)
  2. While your friends are painting the town red, you're feeling blue.
  3. Feeling blue, as Lavin renders it, is a study in Technicolor.
  4. First, they said it was an orange day, but I was feeling blue.
  5. Or for someone who's feeling blue, or fatigued or unhappy ?"
  6. It's difficult to find feeling blue in a sentence.
  7. Indeed, red often can create festivity, especially if you're feeling blue.
  8. Nebraska Red is keeping Southern California merchants from feeling blue.
  9. _If you're feeling blue, nurture yourself and spend time with people who are supportive.
  10. Nursing a broken tusk, Meina the elephant was feeling blue.
  11. The airmen, one young and green, the other charmingly melancholic, enter England feeling blue.
  12. Chronic symptoms included terror or panic, feeling worthless, feeling blue or having trouble making decisions.
  13. "You're feeling blue, or you're green with envy ."
  14. Meaning is lost as phrases like " feeling blue, " give way to psychological jargon.
  15. __ Feeling blue : The toughest opponent for UCLA's big-play receiver, Jim McElroy, was not Houston.
  16. Her second solo album, S " eeing Red / Feeling Blue, " was released in 2015.
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