feeling better in a sentence

"feeling better" in Chinese  
  1. Feeling better, I decide to have one tequila after all.
  2. "I'm feeling better and better ."
  3. "I'm improving and feeling better and stronger.
  4. Now, the Suns are feeling better about their postseason chances.
  5. My leg has been feeling better the last couple of months.
  6. It's difficult to find feeling better in a sentence.
  7. That moving target keeps the average person from ever feeling better.
  8. "I think he's feeling better,"
  9. "Now I'm feeling better about the situation.
  10. It's understandable that people are feeling better ."
  11. Starry Night conveys that feeling better than any other desktop planetarium.
  12. Woodson said he started feeling better in the middle of October.
  13. He was feeling better and wanted to speed up the process.
  14. "He's feeling better each day,"
  15. I'm just glad he's finally feeling better.
  16. Raines said he was feeling better than he had in months.
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