feeling b in a sentence

  1. Two such bands were Die Skeptiker, as well as Feeling B.
  2. He is also known for his role in the band " Feeling B ".
  3. Over time, Feeling B's popularity grew greatly, and climaxed around the end of the German Democratic Republic.
  4. Other musicians have found fame in new bands such as Rammstein, whose band members have formerly been in Feeling B and First Arsch
  5. A previous band of Schneider's, Feeling B, provided two other members of Rammstein, Paul Landers and keyboardist Christian Lorenz.
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  7. A few of these bands were Die Skeptiker, Die Art and Feeling B . Additionally, hip hop culture reached the ears of the East German youth.
  8. On 7 March 1988 Depeche Mode made their East German debut here, followed by The Wedding Present and Jonathan Richman but also by Feeling B and Rio Reiser in the same year.
  9. To complete their sound, Rammstein attempted to recruit Christian " Flake " Lorenz, who had played with Landers in Feeling B . Though initially hesitant, Lorenz eventually agreed to join the band.
  10. It was also used as a concert arena, where musicians such as Depeche Mode, Jonathan Richman and The Wedding Present, as well as German acts, such as Feeling B and Rio Reiser, performed.
  11. East German punk rock band Feeling B also recorded a song called " Kim Wilde ", which featured on Persepolis ", Iranian cartoonist Marjane Satrapi has a comic strip titled " Kim Wilde ".
  12. Rammstein's singer, Till Lindemann, also participated once with Feeling B for the song " Lied von der unruhevollen Jugend ", for which he is credited on the album " Hea Hoa Hoa Hea Hea Hoa ".
  13. Lindemann started to play drums for First Arsch, who released an album titled Saddle Up, and played one song with a punk band called Feeling B ( which was the former band of Rammstein members Paul H . Landers, Christoph " Doom " Schneider and Christian " Flake " Lorenz ).
  14. On Hiddensee there was an intellectual climate, and artists, writers, actors, musicians and scientists retreated here, such as,, G黱ter Kunert,, Harry Kupfer, Inge Keller,, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Christoph Hein, or members of the punk band Feeling B . Nina Hagen implies that she had never been to Hiddensee, but her famous hit " You forgot the colour film " expressed a " desire for this unusual island ".

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