feeling around in a sentence

"feeling around" in Chinese  
  1. Or feeling around the fretboard for just the right chord voicing.
  2. There was kind of a gloomy feeling around the room.
  3. Not even a " big game " feeling around town.
  4. The feeling around the Mets is a bit different, he said.
  5. You can't blame people for having strong feelings around Nazism.
  6. It's difficult to find feeling around in a sentence.
  7. There's a good feeling around this team.
  8. People are all feeling around all over the league.
  9. Our feeling around here is that Governor Bush is really president-elect,
  10. But I won't forget the feeling around that game ."
  11. The feeling around the paddock was that Pook is on the right track.
  12. He thinks the roster changes have created a different feeling around the team.
  13. There are no bitter or tough feelings around it.
  14. "There'll be a gloomy feeling around here if we lose.
  15. We've got that feeling around here.
  16. Having him back will just add to the excitement everybody is already feeling around here.
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