feeling apprehensive in a sentence

  1. Feeling apprehensive, Lutie makes her appointment with Boots.
  2. Frequently they wake up feeling apprehensive and expecting something bad to happen each day.
  3. Aaron McCollough, a Baptist pastor in LaGrange, remembers feeling apprehensive about getting politically involved.
  4. Not having a real job is nice on Monday mornings, but lately I've been feeling apprehensive about the future.
  5. They find nothing abnormal about him, but his ability to see the gods says otherwise, leaving the gods feeling apprehensive about Guy.
  6. It's difficult to find feeling apprehensive in a sentence.
  7. Les immediately goes away, but Jack lingers, feeling apprehensive of the punishment awaiting him once Jenny tells of what he and Les had done to her.
  8. When our heroine, Anne Marie ( Kate Bosworth ), is feeling apprehensive about the upcoming Pipe Masters competition, friends repeatedly remind her, " This is your dream,"
  9. When you get down to it, many if not most Montanans are feeling apprehensive about their futures, and the main source of that apprehension is the outsiders who are moving into their communities.
  10. The secretary at the Abundant Life Church in Springfield, Bonnie Clark said before a church service there Wednesday night she had been feeling apprehensive when her son went to Saudi Arabia earlier this month, but was now overwhelmed with a feeling of thankfulness.

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