feeling alright in a sentence

  1. Despite the injury, he said he was feeling alright.
  2. The second single comprised " It's Too Late " featuring Julie Hibberd and " Feeling Alright " featuring Jon Kirk.
  3. :Who cares about what image is used for pubic hair, as long as we don't let the HMOs privatize Wikipedia's health care, I'm feeling alright!
  4. Referring to " Warpaint " as " expansive and envelopin ", Phares selected " Love Is to Die ", " Teese " and " Feeling Alright " as highlights of the album.
  5. Kissel's work in movies and recordings has put him in the music business trenches with Sting, Kurt Vonnegut, Rock'n'Roll Hall of Famer Dave Mason ( Traffic, Jimi Hendrix, and Fleetwood Mac, as well as his own catalog of hits, including " Feeling Alright " ) and drummer Babatunde Olatunji ( known as The Father of African Music, " Baba " wrote and performed with Santana and the Grateful Dead, taught African culture to Malcolm X, marched with Martin Luther King, Jr ., and performed at JFK's inauguration ).
  6. It's difficult to find feeling alright in a sentence.
  7. Eder stated that the album " holds up extraordinarily well across four decades, the singer's performance bolstered by some very sharp playing, [ . . . ] It's Cocker's voice, a soulful rasp of an instrument [ . . . ] that carries this album and makes " Change in Louise, " " Feeling Alright, " " Just Like a Woman, " " I Shall Be Released, " and even " Bye Bye Blackbird " into profound listening experiences . " He concluded that " the surprises in the arrangements, tempo, and approaches taken help make this an exceptional album.

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