feeling alive in a sentence

  1. It has to do with middle age and feeling alive.
  2. Feeling alive sometimes means being glad to be alive.
  3. Keeping that feeling alive is the aim of those working with the refugees.
  4. It's just keeping your angry feelings alive.
  5. Confronted by Rabbi Vaisben, Aaron is unabashed, feeling alive only now.
  6. It's difficult to find feeling alive in a sentence.
  7. The album spawned the two singles " Feeling Alive " and " I Wonder ".
  8. Goldin's people risk everything, even death, for the rush of feeling alive.
  9. They had a Kerrang ! video of the week with the track " Feeling Alive ".
  10. But if we risk feeling alive, we must remember that to be alive is to suffer.
  11. Pino was critical of the car customization and damage, but commended the game world for feeling alive.
  12. The design then developed into the concept of the Heart speaking and feeling alive and having its own agenda.
  13. Or maybe you got that wonderful white island sand between your toes already and want to keep the feeling alive.
  14. Apparently feeling alive for Zanardi means returning to the sport he dominated while driving for Chip Ganassi in 1996-98.
  15. Back to the present, Fujino calls Keita's number saying she is finally feeling pain and therefore feeling alive.
  16. On 13 November 2010 the band released the video for the first single off the upcoming album : " Feeling Alive ".
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