feeling a moment in a sentence

  1. The remix of " Feeling a Moment ", was created by a fan of the band who won a competition to have his remix featured on the single.
  2. The single of " Feeling a Moment " had a special U-MYX programme that allowed you to remix the track, and the fans could then upload their mixes to a specially designated website to enter the competition.
  3. In Japan, the album became Feeder's first top 40 album chart entry anywhere outside of the UK and Ireland, by charting at # 37 ( " Feeling a Moment " made the top 40 singles chart in Australia ).
  4. Feeder would end the year seeing their then latest album appear at # 39 on " Q "'s end of year list, with " Feeling a Moment " voted the 98th best song of the year by its readers.
  5. In an interview with the band's official website Feederweb, Grant explained that " Feeling a Moment ", was played back with the intro playing backwards, in which he explained : " This was one of the first songs written for the album.
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  7. "Q " magazine included the album in its list of the top fifty albums of 2005, ranking it at number thirty-nine with the second single " Feeling a Moment " being voted the ninety-eighth best track of the year by their readers.
  8. The second single, " Feeling a Moment ", received a positive review from " Q " magazine, in which the song was compared to " Beautiful Day " by U2, in which Paul Brannigan stated that the song " Has the optimistic soaring feel of U2's Beautiful Day . . . ".
  9. In a review for BBC . co . uk, Lisa Haines praised the sound of " Pushing the Senses ", stating " The brand of raucous rock anthem which catapulted them to fame is virtually absent here, the band's new sound is far more thoughtful and understated .'Feeling A Moment'and'Tumble And Fall'are prime examples.
  10. Follow-up " Pushing the Senses " in 2005 ( also produced by Norton ) was not as successful, although it did not go Platinum, it still went Gold and charted at number 2 while also containing their third Top 10 and second top five single " Tumble and Fall ", and the more notable " Feeling a Moment " . 2006 saw their Renegades " and " Generation Freakshow ", with the last two being self-released on Big Teeth Music all charted in the Top 20.

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