feelin in a sentence

"feelin" in Chinese  
  1. Ahm feelin'puny ( I don't feel well)
  2. "How you feelin'? " asked Gailey.
  3. How're ya feelin'today, James ?"
  4. "When you're weary, feelin'small,
  5. It spawned the single, " Feelin'Kinda Sporty ".
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  7. Details and images on Feelin can be found at its website.
  8. Dancin', celebratin' feelin'good about life.
  9. Alligators, sharks; I'm feelin'faint.
  10. He was definitely feelin'it in the second quarter.
  11. "How y'all feelin'out there ?"
  12. Stocks are wafflin', and consumers feelin'down.
  13. They ain'got no other purpose or feelin's ."
  14. "Feelin'Good " is the second single of the album.
  15. "I got a feelin', Nicole.
  16. Well, I got a feelin', too.
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