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  1. The Feelies were influenced by The Velvet Underground and Lou Reed.
  2. Fier was an early member of The Lounge Lizards and The Feelies.
  3. He has also recorded with Feelies offshoots the Willies and Wake Ooloo.
  4. Does Wake Ooloo draw from the Feelies fan base?
  5. Mark Lepage of " Television and the Feelies.
  6. It's difficult to find feelies in a sentence.
  7. Several companies offered optional commercial feelies ( physical props associated with a game ).
  8. Rose and Erni continued to produce ceramics, including feelies and bowls with their signature glazes.
  9. The band is influenced by The Feelies, as Real Estate said to Still in Rock.
  10. The band finds joy in repetition, like Philip Glass, Polyrock, the Feelies or Luna.
  11. Some significant omissions from the package were the " feelies " for which Infocom had become known.
  12. The Feelies rarely worked with outside producers and created shimmering soundscapes with multiple guitar layers and percussion.
  13. Together with Bill Million, Mercer has written and produced virtually all of the Feelies'recorded output.
  14. When Rose Cabat began working on feelies in the 1960s, American studio ceramics was still in its infancy.
  15. During this period they play shows with the likes of such bands as The Feelies and The Bush Tetras.
  16. Wareham has since hired other sedate-music veterans, including Chills bassist Justin Harwood and Feelies drummer Stanley Demeski.
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