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  1. "There's never going to be the Mother Thing, the touchie-feelie, the very special episode about arthritis ."
  2. If you answered " A " both times, you'll find the touchy-feelie material is powerfully written in the best TV style by Michael Tolkin and Bruce Joel Rubin.
  3. Carol Leifer would like to make a promise to the people of the United States : " On my show, there will be no touchie-feelie moments and no very special episodes ."
  4. In 1956, the Cabats took a glaze calculation class at the University of Hawaii began the development of glaze formulas which were later applied to the " feelie " forms that become Rose Cabat's signature pieces.
  5. But Wareham and his mates _ guitarist Sean Eden, bassist Justin Harwood ( ex-Chills ) and new drummer Lee Wall ( replacing ex-Feelie Stan Demeski ) _ have moved furthest afield from that direct link on " Pup Tent ."
  6. It's difficult to find feelie in a sentence.
  7. Although " Plundered Hearts " was her only text adventure, Amy Briggs worked as a writer and editor on a number of other Infocom projects : she did a major rewrite of " Quarterstaff ", and helped to design " The Flathead Calendar ", the main feelie included with " Zork Zero ".
  8. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Noll constructed interactive three-dimensional input devices and displays and a three-dimensional, tactile, force-feedback ( " feelie " ) device ( US patent 3, 919, 691 " Tactile Man-Machine Communications System " filed May 26, 1971, issued November 1, 1975 ).
  9. The original release included a feelie poster with a timeline of the history of Zork up until the events of the game, with pictures and short descriptions of major events, including the backstory of some of the characters; this encompasses all released " Zork " games except " Return to Zork ", which takes place 580 years after " Zork : Grand Inquisitor ".

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