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  1. Like prescient Dr . Feelgoods, they prescribe the nostrums that will ward off a constantly changing world.
  2. For years, sports has been filled with whispers of Dr . Feelgoods who prowled the sidelines, armed with pain killers that let athletes play through injuries.
  3. Starting their tour in Germany, the newly found Beatles and the young Feelgoods were moved quickly around in Hamburg due to several issues, including the termination of contract by one club owner.
  4. Other opponents have raised the specter of " pot doctors " and " Dr . Feelgoods " who will indiscriminately provide fraudulent medical certification for recreational users, effectively legalizing drugs.
  5. Whilst with the Feelgoods, Gage recorded a piano-based blues-album " Out of Hours ", which was recorded in Finland, and released in 1997 by Finnish record company Goofin'Records.
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  7. Backed by Finnish band Doctor's Order, ( who normally back Johnny Spence, formerly of Johnny Kidd & The Pirates ) the album features ex Feelgoods guitarist, and Gages's close friend, the late Gypie Mayo on six tracks.
  8. Every year since Brilleaux's death, a special concert known as the Lee Brilleaux Birthday Memorial has been held on Canvey Island, where former and current Feelgoods celebrate the music of Dr Feelgood, and raise money for The Fair Havens Hospice in Westcliff-on-Sea.
  9. Keith St . John ( Montrose and Burning Rain ) replaced Marq Torien on vocals for the last two U . S . dates on the tour . . . October 15, 2010 @ Feelgoods ( now Count's Vamp'd ) in Las Vegas, NV, and October 16, 2010 @ The Ramona Mainstage in Ramona, CA.
  10. On the other hand, I concede-in part because Dr . Murray's activities didn't match the scope of such others as Jacobson and Freymann, and in part because those three are merely a subsample of documented " Dr . Feelgoods "-the appropriate resolution might be that suggested by FreeRangeFrog : to provide a " See also " wikilink to an article that addresses the broader topic of " Dr . Feelgood " behavior.

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