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  1. "Feelgood Lies " does not follow a storyline but per the band's request, focuses on scenes with choreographies and futuristic designs ( ironically it shows the girls wearing 1980s clothes ).
  2. Production was helmed by frequent collaborators Thorsten Br鰐zmann and Peter Ries, with additional songwriting and production contribution from Siedah Garrett, Perky Park, Nigel Rush, Someday " and Twin-produced " Feelgood Lies ."
  3. Released on September 22, 2003 ( see 2003 in music ) in German-speaking Europe, following the official announcement of the group's disbandment in the year of 2003, " Feelgood Lies " peaked at number 3 in Germany, number 12 in Austria, and number 29 in Switzerland.
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