feel in a sentence

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  1. After Saturday, though, they feel a sense of destiny.
  2. I feel comfortable with whomever's out there ."
  3. As gay men, we feel victims of our own success.
  4. That's what it kind of feels like ."
  5. He doesn't feel like he needs to, frankly.
  6. It's difficult to find feel in a sentence.
  7. So I did what I always do when I feel anxious.
  8. I feel we lost to the best team in the tournament,
  9. The moment we feel satisfied, we may lose our concentration.
  10. Do they think they are going to make me feel worse?
  11. They can feel that there is a lot of excitement here,
  12. We don't feel it's gooshy ."
  13. But it is clear that not painting makes her feel empty.
  14. Now Sangermani begins to feel a fresher, stiffer breeze blowing.
  15. I feel the city of Palmdale is competing with other states.
  16. We feel like we can't be beat ."
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