feel a chill in a sentence

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  1. Despite blue skies and warm temperatures, I feel a chill.
  2. What that is remains unknown, but Izumi feels a chill after Shin has said that.
  3. Rosie, unawares of her action, yet feels a chill.
  4. I feel a chill when I think of the cruelty that drove this business, the heartlessness,
  5. But only the hardhearted will fail to feel a chill hearing this plain tune so evocatively played.
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  7. It's fascinating but sobering reading _ if you feel a chill coming on, save it for another day.
  8. Roberts said he might feel a chill when he leads the Bears onto the field at Notre Dame Stadium.
  9. You feel a chill come over you as the train comes out of the subway and you see the stadium,
  10. Hi, what is actually ( ie biologically ) happening when one feels a chill running through one's body, or back or whatever?
  11. The grown-up kid feels a chill as Grant throws open a bathroom door and discovers Kennedy staring up absently from under the water.
  12. The woodcutter sees only an empty palm but when he touches it he feels a chill in his fingers and sees a flash.
  13. So when you feel a chill and get goosebumps, you're experiencing the same body response your predecessors did tens of thousands of years ago.
  14. So the Cold War may be over, but nearby countries still feel a chill when they think about the potential environmental problems just across the border.
  15. Even now, anyone riffling through Internet lists of the dead and missing at the World Trade Center might still come upon his name and feel a chill.
  16. Body temperature then falls, and the person who's had the hot flash feels a chill, says Walsh, an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Harvard Medical School.
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