feel - good factor in a sentence

"feel - good factor" in Chinese  
  1. Nationalism is essential to a feel-good factor in Russia.
  2. Retail still very much comes down to the feel-good factor,
  3. It's got that massive feel-good factor ."
  4. "There's a feel-good factor here,"
  5. The secret ingredient was " the feel-good factor ."
  6. It's difficult to find feel - good factor in a sentence.
  7. The feel-good factor is very important,
  8. The feel-good factor is back.
  9. "There's a lack of a feel-good factor here,"
  10. Dopamine, however, has roles other than the generation of a feel-good factor.
  11. The retail sector is affected because the feel-good factor is low at times like this,
  12. But if endorphins don't hold the key to the feel-good factor, what else might?
  13. There is a feel-good factor after the recent assembly elections and due to a strong economic situation,
  14. Despite signs of a nascent economic recovery, the feel-good factor is decidedly absent in this race.
  15. Rutten said the Kahn Range Rover delivers a feel-good factor that very few other cars can offer.
  16. If the EMU feel-good factor continues through 1998, spreads should fall as low as 25 basis points,
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