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  1. Prix fixe : pree-fix or pre-feeks _ fixed-price menu
  2. One of the earliest pastors Robert Feeks, had the distinction of becoming the first ordained minister in Oyster Bay in 1724.
  3. And nowhere have prix-fixe ( pronounced PREE FEEKS, by the way ) meals enjoyed more success than in New York City.
  4. Feeks'public death sparked a new round of people fearing the electric lines over their heads in what has been called the " Electric Wire Panic ".
  5. The blame seemed to settle on Westinghouse since, having bought many of the lighting companies involved, people assumed Feeks'death was the fault of a Westinghouse subsidiary.
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  7. Newspapers joined into the public outcry following Feeks'death pointing out men's lives " were cheaper to this monopoly than insulated wires " and calling for the executives of AC companies to be charged with manslaughter.
  8. The crowd that watched Feeks contained many New York aldermen due to the site of the accident being near the New York government offices and the horrifying affair galvanized them into the action of passing the law on moving utilities underground.
  9. It s alternately humble and hard hitting and is well worth listening to time and time again . " Writing a review from Hallels, Timothy Yap concludes, " This album is not just important to the Feeks, but they are important to us too ."
  10. Those same names often appear as street names as well, such as Weeks Avenue, White Street, Burtis Avenue, Audrey Avenue ( named after Audrey Townsend ), Feeks Lane, McCoun s Lane, Sugar Tom s Lane, Anstice Street, Underhill Place, Larrabee Avenue and Simcoe Street.
  11. In the 1880's New York City had some very public and very ghastly ( I almost said " shocking " ) accidental electrocutions of utility linemen ( John Feeks, Peter Clausen, and George Kopp ) climbing up to work on the arc lighting circuits, which were at 2000 volts or higher.

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