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  1. We'd like to get a victory so the feeing is a little better.
  2. Television production is also feeing the pinch.
  3. They did this while also being what Boulding calls the  breeder-feeders,  producing and feeing the family.
  4. It is claimed that Budd, feeing a twinge in a muscle, was easing-up the last 70 m.
  5. On producing the episode, Garc韆 Swisher stated that she was still feeing the effects of her pregnancy : " Well I just had a baby.
  6. It's difficult to find feeing in a sentence.
  7. Residents have reported feeing safer when walking down previously poorly lit streets as the LED lights allow a wider spectrum of colours to be seen and facial features to be distinguished.
  8. The enormous loss of life and destruction of Jewish communities throughout Europe during the Holocaust that came despite the JLC's best efforts left many members of the JLC feeing dejected.
  9. His wife, Mary, is seeking permission to remove his feeing tube, saying he would not have wanted to suffer his situation ( including being dressed up as an M & AMP; M for Halloween ).
  10. "I don't know that you're going to solve the problem with a fence unless you solve the underlying problems of the Palestinians feeing that they are disenfranchised, that the occupation continues,"
  11. "I wanted to give my car an adventure in the mountains, " he said after making the brief crossing . " I had this wonderful feeing of security, as if someone were holding an arm around my shoulder ."
  12. "( But ) if someone needs a kick, they need a kick . . . . We need a guy to go over there and touch base with a guy and see how he's feeing about what's going on ."
  13. The mother, from Aulnay-sous-Bois, just north of Paris, discovered what she thought was a small bone while feeing her son a " P'tit Menu " baby meal and called in a complaint to the company on Sunday.
  14. "I still think the general feeing is to sell dollars where possible, " said John McCarthy, director of foreign exchange at ING Barings Capital Markets in New York, citing concerns about warnings of terrorist threats " that will be hanging over the dollar ."
  15. It is worth noting that Lawrence was very interested in the sense of touch and that his focus on physical intimacy has its roots in a desire to restore an emphasis on the body, and re-balance it with what he perceived to be Western civilisation's over-emphasis on the mind; writing in a 1929 essay " Men Must Work and Women As Well ", he stated, " Now we see the trend of our civilization, in terms of human feeing and human relation.
  16. And among the few of the former who might unite the disposition with the re-quisite capacity, they are too often led by ambitious views to go with the current of popular feeing, rather than to mark out a course for themselves, where they might be buffetted by the waves of opposition; and indeed it is feared these waves would in this case be too strong to be effectually resisted, by any but those who had gained by a previous course of useful employment the firmest footing in the confidence and attachment of their Country.

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