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  1. But Feehery said Hastert has been handicapped by his meager majority.
  2. Rather, Feehery called them " spirited discussions ."
  3. GOP leaders also agreed to split resources equally, Feehery said.
  4. Spokesman John Feehery said Hastert still believes the amount is fair.
  5. Like Feehery, builders typically take six years to assemble their planes.
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  7. Eventually, Feehery located about 30 owners of half-built Aurigas.
  8. Feehery is only one soldier in the Republican field operation.
  9. "The speaker wants to get a bill, " Feehery said.
  10. But Feehery did not say how they would achieve that.
  11. Hastert spokesman John Feehery said the speaker always intended to stay neutral.
  12. Feehery said the Democratic proposal for equal representation would have been unworkable.
  13. On June 1, Feehery took to the sky.
  14. The Feehery family is off to Florida in April.
  15. "Politics is interactive, " said DeLay spokesman John Feehery.
  16. John Feehery, spokesman for DeLay, said Tuesday.
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