feehan in a sentence

"feehan" in Chinese  
  1. Feehan said investigators had not established the cause of the fire.
  2. Feehan would say, " be the can man ."
  3. Ganci and Feehan were killed when the second tower collapsed.
  4. Archbishop Feehan celebrated the Requiem Mass and Bishop Spalding preached the sermon.
  5. Feehan immediately became a regular member of the starting fifteen.
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  7. Deputy Fire Commissioner William M . Feehan said Tuesday.
  8. The bodies of Feehan and Ganci have been recovered.
  9. Feehan and Ganci had each served the department for more than three decades.
  10. Feehan was a trim 6 feet 2 inches tall.
  11. Bishop Feehan High School was named in his honor.
  12. On July 2, 1907, Feehan was appointed the second co-consecrators.
  13. William Feehan's name came up.
  14. WILLIAM FEEHAN : The Can-Do Bond
  15. But it still has not filled the first deputy commissioner spot that Feehan had held.
  16. EVANSVILLE OTTERS _ Released OF Steve Feehan.
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