feed with in a sentence

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  1. Philips declined to say how it will split the fees with Sony.
  2. Then the couple supplemented the livestock's feed with clover seeds and minerals.
  3. "You could be paying huge fees with no result, " he said.
  4. Chelsea has agreed a fee with PSV for sought-after forward Mateja Kezman.
  5. "They're so indispensable that they won't even negotiate the fee with you.
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  7. Mosey proposed that the organisation should share the licence fee with others.
  8. Prostitutes are considered independent contractors, with most splitting their fees with the brothels.
  9. The debt stems from Shilton's signing fee with the club in March 1992.
  10. In their uppermost headwaters they are spring feed with dark substraights.
  11. They would have paid the monthly fee with their water bills.
  12. Weber compared the fees with an illegal tax on free speech.
  13. Goldman was second in fees with $ 166 . 7 million.
  14. Everton has agreed an undisclosed fee with Fulham for the striker, Everton said.
  15. Membership originally was a one dollar fee with no annual dues.
  16. It also took in fees for sharing its news feed with other networks.
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